Android Development

Android is Googles new mobile platform that includes a software stack for mobile devices - with an operating system, middleware and key applications.

About Android

The Android platform was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create new and innovative mobile applications that take full advantage of all the capabilities of a handset connected to the Internet.

Android is a complete mobile platform built on the Linux 2.6 kernel that exposes a robust operating system, a comprehensive set of libraries, a rich multimedia user interface and a complete set of phone applications.

Blue Ocean Brain
Blue Ocean Brain was born from a simple question: Do companies need a better way to engage employees while fostering a culture of brain health and wellness, creativity and better thinking? The answer was a resounding: Yes! We believe training is more than just pumping lots of information into people. We believe in getting to the point. Less is more. Actionable content is key. Information should be presented in an artful way. Served up in bite-sized pieces so employees can take what they need and bring new focus to the work-at-hand.
Lilydale Junior Football Club
The Lilydale Junior Football Club is one of the oldest AFL clubs still actively playing the great game of Aussie rules. The club may be one of the oldest clubs going around but they are going to be one of the first clubs to have their very own App for the Android phone. We are proud to release our very own club branded mobile phone app for the iPhone. The App will contain information relating to the Lilydale Junior Football Club. We encourage all of our players, supporters, members and sponsors to download the App to ensure you are able to stay in touch and up to date with anything to do with the Lilydale Junior Football Club. By downloading the App you will be able to access information about the club on your smart phone. An example of the information available to you as a result of downloading the App are: - News and results - Fixtures and Training times - Ground locations and events - Committee and Club information - Twitter and Facebook feeds - Player profiles and statistics - much much more Download the App to make sure you never miss a beat when important news about the mightly Junior Falcons becomes available.
St Marys Greensborough JFC
St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club is one of the proudest and biggest junior football clubs in Victoria. It therefore comes as no surprise that the club are proud to release their very own App for the Android phone. The App will contain information that any player, supporter, member and sponsor will deem necessary to keeps tabs on the mighty Burra! In the App there will be information relating to the club such as: - Latest club news - Results and fixtures - Sponsor information - Club information and committee members - Images and videos - Ground locations and much much more By downloading the App you will have access to the club literally at your finger tips! Download the App now to take your love of the club to the next level!
Collegians Football Club
Collegians Football Club is the oldest club in Amateur football. The club's history speaks for itself. Premierships, tradition and success are all words synonymous with this famous football club. You can now add the Collegians mobile phone App to that list of words as we are proud to release the Collegians Football Club's very own app for Android. You no longer need to worry about missing out on important information about the club as any information you require is now avaiable to you in the App available to you on your smart phone 24 hours a day, 7 days week all day every day. Whether you are waiting for the all important announcement of the teams or want to browse through the App whilst on the way to work in the morning, the choice is yours. Information contained in this App will have everything to do with the Collegians Football Club such as: - Latest news and results - Club information and upcoming events - Fixtures and player profiles - Club sponsors - Push notifications - Ground locations and much more By downloading the App not only will you have 24/7 access to the club but you will also be supporting the club by improving and enhancing their off field duties.
Hampton Hammers Football Club
Ladies and gentleman it is hammer time! Not the M.C. Hammer version though….the Hampton Hammers version. Third Man Apps are proud to present the Hampton Hammers Football Club App. The Hampton Hammers are always looking at ways to improve the lines of communication with their players, supporters and sponsors and what better way to achieve this than their very own club branded mobile phone App? The Hampton Hammers App will contain information that any supporter of the club would want to know. The information will be available to you at the click of a button. The information that can be found in the App is as follows: - Latest news: never miss a beat with the news feed - Fixtures: see game day information and ground locations - Training: updated information and training times - Results: as soon as matches are completed - Twitter: stay in touch with the club’s latest tweets - Statistics: whose doing the business at the club - Committee: who to contact for anything to do with the club and much much more The App will be showcased in the club’s colours. The App is the final tool to ensure you are able to call yourself a proud Hammer! Download the App to make your live that much easier and ensure that if you want to know anything about your club, you will be able to find it right here in the App! How’s that for kicking a goal?
Mooroolbark Football Club
The Mooroolbark Football Club was founded in 1966. The club has a proud history and a fantastic culture down at the club. The Mustangs are widely regarded as one of the premier clubs in the EDFL. The club is well aware of the need to adapt and to adopt new strategies and tools to ensure the club continues to head in the right direction. With this in mind the club is proud to introduce to you its very own mobile phone App for the Android phone. The App will bring you one step closer to the club and give you 24 hour access to information about the club. The App will contain information that players, members and supporter will find useful such as: - Latest news - Merchandise - Membership - Fixtures - Ground locations - Teams - Sponsor information - Images - Videos and much much more
Hillside Football Club
The Hillside Football club was formed in 1999 and it was clear to see that the club had huge potential and both on and off the field. Fast forward to now and the club has not dissapointed. The club continues to grow from strength to strength both on the field and off the field. As part of the continued growth and development of the club and it's players, the club is proud to release it's very own native App for the Android phone. The App is another forward step for the club in the right direction and will certainly increase the clubs prescence amongst the clubs players, supporters, members and sponsors. The information contained in the App will be: - Latest news - Fixtures - Teams - Ground locations - Sponsor information - Merchandise and much more! No matter where you are be it at home, interstate or overseas, any information you want to know about the Hillside Football Club will be in the App.
Greythorn Football Club
Greythorn Football Club has a history if being one of the most successful junior football clubs both on the field and off of it. The clubs reputation as a leader off the field will be further enhanced by the release of the clubs very own native iPhone App. The App will be full of content relating to the Greythorn Football Club. So whether you are a player, supporter, sponsor or interested in finding out any information about the club you need to download this App. Content found in this App will include: - Latest club news - Team Fixtures - Live Ladders - Live scores from around the grounds - Upcoming club events - Club sponsors - Club information - Images from games - Videos from events - Committee members - Club merchandise and much more Download the App and you can have 24 hour access to anything to do with the football club. The club will be able to contact you to make sure you never miss a thing when it comes to anything to do with the football club through push notifcations.
Parkdale Cricket Club
The Parkdale Cricket Club has long been established as one of the premier cricket clubs in Victoria. With a history of success the club is excited to announce the release of their very own club branded Android App. The Parkdale Cricket Club App is a state of the art mobile phone App which will contain information and data about the club that will enable any user of the App to obtain information about the club in a quick and user friendly manner. The content of the App will contain items such as: - Breakings news related to the club - The latest club results for the club - Upcoming fundraising events for you to attend - Sponsors of the club helping your club prosper off field - Player profiles - Link to the club’s social media pages - Latest videos from games and training sessions - Push notifications sent from the club to you the user - Opposition ground locations for players and supporters - The latest merchandise available to purchase and much much more The App is there to provide you with any information that you need about the club. Whether you are overseas or interstate and at home you will be able to stay in touch with any news related to your beloved Parkdale Cricket Club.
Thid Man Apps is pleased to present the Victorian Turf Cricket Associations very own Native Android App. Now you can stay in touch with all the latest news, results, fixtures, weather updates and much much more through the App. The App will serve as your one stop point of reference for any information relating to the VTCA. The App has a whole range of fantastic features available to you the user. The VTCA App will keep you in the know with fantastic features such as: - My Cricket intergration - Facebook and Twitter intergration - Push notifcations about events - Information for clubs - Committee members - Fixtures - Results - Player of the rounds The App is essential for your summer of cricket. By downloading this App you will have more time to focus on the matters that really matter to you....that is making runs and taking wickets. We would love the change to hear from you about any ideas you have for the App.